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All our animals are fed with products collected, in nearby lands, with their own crops and pastures, which provides a very high quality in all our products.


Cold Room

By storing the meat at a suitable temperature, the cold room not only maintains its quality, but also preserves it to maintain its tenderness, texture and exquisite flavor.

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Abattoir Room

We have large spaces and advanced technology that ensure strict compliance to achieve maximum efficiency and cleanliness in animal welfare and food safety.

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Butchering Room

Head cutting, producing various types of lean and MDM, packaging, freezing and distribution of meat and pork by-products, both in the national and international markets.

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We ship to the five continents

We have a structure and all the certifications that allow us to export our high quality products to different parts of the world.
We have a trading department in collaboration with several approved slaughterhouses for Asia.

About us

Our warehouses are located in the Trápaga valley, we have an area of 3000 m2 and our professionals with high knowledge and experience in the sector, supported by leading consultancies in the meat industry.

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the prime cuts from the norman breed have a good flavor. It is a world breed: it has been exported to many countries and is present on all continents.


Limousin cattle are a highly muscular breed of beef cattle sourced from the Limousin and Marche regions of France.


Friesian meat is among the top breeds of Spanish meats, it has a light color and great tenderness and exquisite flavor.

Iberian Pork

Its fresh meat is the most appreciated for its quality as well as its flavor. Each cut is special and has its own personality,

Superior quality

Superior quality

Thanks to our collaborating farms

Due to its location and to the orography, the climate and the abundant water supplied by the Ebro river, the farmlands located in those regions, produce a food of superior quality.

Cattle - Porcine

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Our staff with extensive experience will solve all your doubts and queries.
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